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Jan 31, 2024 - Mar 28, 2024

Urdu Express: A Journey to Confident Conversations

  • 58Days
  • 4Steps


🌟 **Discover Urdu Adventures: A Whirlwind Journey for Young Linguists!** 🌟 Is the prospect of your child confidently conversing in Urdu before the Easter holidays music to your ears? Look no further! We are thrilled to introduce our immersive 8-week online Urdu course designed specifically for English-speaking kids. In this engaging crash course, we've crafted a dynamic learning experience to equip your child with the language skills needed for those exciting family trips to Pakistan. **Course Highlights:** 1. **Introductions:** Breaking the ice with friendly greetings. 2. **Superhero Speak:** Unleashing the power of language through superhero-themed lessons. 3. **Mein Sentences:** Building sentences with "I am" to express oneself. 4. **Numbers:** Counting and numerical expressions. 5. **Facial Features:** Describe appearances with flair. 6. **Ka, Ki, Ke:** Understanding and using these essential Urdu prepositions. 7. **Mera, Meri:** Possession made simple – my, mine, and more! 8. **Colours:** Adding vibrancy to conversations. 9. **Sentence Building:** Assembling words into expressive sentences. 10. **Relations:** Discussing family ties and relationships. 11. **Scenery Vocab:** Painting vivid word pictures of landscapes. 12. **Describing Sentences:** Expressing thoughts and feelings in detail. 13. **Food:** A delectable journey into Urdu culinary language. 14. **Weather:** Conversing about the ever-changing elements. 15. **Sentence Tweaking:** Polishing sentences for clarity and impact. 16. **Oral Test:** Putting newfound skills to the test in a supportive environment. **Why Join?** - 🚀 **Intensive Learning:** Eight weeks of focused and accelerated learning. - 🏠 **Resources for Home:** Parents will receive materials to reinforce learning at home. - 🤝 **Cultural Connection:** Bridge the gap between English-speaking kids and Urdu conversations effortlessly.





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