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Little Urdu Explorers and Mums Club

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Welcome to Little Urdu Explorers Club, a vibrant community where children embark on an exciting journey of learning Urdu and explore the rich cultural heritage of Islam. Through engaging live lessons, interactive activities, and creative resources, we create a nurturing environment for children to develop their language skills while gaining a deeper understanding of their faith. But that's not all! We understand the crucial role mothers play in their children's education. That's why our club serves as a comprehensive hub where mothers can enhance their own Urdu proficiency and receive invaluable support in effectively supporting their children's language learning journey. From language tips and resources to a friendly chit-chat corner, we provide a safe space for mothers to connect, learn, and grow alongside their little ones. Join us at UrduLingo Family Club and discover a community that fosters a love for Urdu, empowers mothers, and nurtures lifelong connections in a warm and inclusive environment. Let's embark on this beautiful journey together!



Little Urdu Explorers and Mums Club, £15.00/month


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