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  • UA Inner Circle

    Every month
    Keep generation alive!
    • Monthly Q&A With Salma!
    • Interactive quizzes
    • Lot's of freebies (Colourful flashcards & worksheets)
    • Mother's Implementation Video
    • Private Facebook Support Group
  • Little Urdu Explorers and Mums Club

    Every month
    a vibrant community where children embark on an exciting journey of learning Urdu while having fun.
    • Live Lessons
    • Video Lessons
    • Worksheets/flashcards to support your Urdu journey at home
    • Quizzes
    • Storytime
    • Crafts
    • Mothers support lessons
  • Ladies Mehfil

    Every month
    • Join Urdu Mehfil, where language learning meets sisterhood.
  • Urdu Nest

    Every month
    Urdu Resources
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